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Break the bottleneck with Mattersmith​.

Do your projects spend too much time in the office?

Automate Your Order Process from Customer to Code


Configure products in a browser or in SketchUp.


Generate instant quotes and place orders online.


Unify sales and engineering with a single source of truth.


Instantly generate BOM and CNC data from orders. 


Streamline your sales and engineering processes with an online platform that saves time and effort for you and your customers.  Mattersmith can increase office productivity by 10x or more.

Build-to-Order Faster and Easier

“As a manufacturer Mattersmith not only streamlines our ability to send orders directly to the manufacturing floor, but provides a highly flexible platform that our customers feel very comfortable working with.”

Cadman Campbell, CTO of Cabinotch

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Mattersmith generates machining and BOM data in neutral and native formats.

Contact Us to learn more about our CAM, ERP, and MES integration options.



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